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Aamerie’s story and struggle started before she was born. Early in mom’s pregnancy, mom and dad were informed that she could possibly have Sickle Cell Anemia. Two weeks later testing confirmed that she definitely would have Sickle Cell Anemia (SC). At about 22 weeks, in gestation mom started having complications during the pregnancy. It was a difficult delivery with many uncertainties. Would her, Aamerie a 25 week preemie's lungs be developed enough and the rest of her organs be developed enough to survive delivery? We found out on January 25, 2003 weighing in at 1lb and 5oz when she took her first breath. Her first breath and everything after that seem to be a struggle. With prayer and her will to fight and live, she made it through. The first week of her life brought her a collapsed lung but the medical staff and her will to fight and prayer brought her through it. The next fight was a Level 4 Brain Bleed. She had several more fights before we left the NICU to include a hernia, PDA Heart Valve Surgeries and multiple transfusions. This all before her first Sickle Cell Crisis.

Aamerie is 12 years old and has spent a  lot of time in various hospitals due to her having Sickle Cell Anemia and the pain crisis that results in her being hospitalized. Her journey to a cure for Sickle Cell Disease began with several physician consults in Florida, mom and dad being active in her care and recovery and finally with mom and Aamerie attending a Sickle Cell Seminar. Afterwards Aamerie was asking if there was a cure and if so she wanted it so she could be rid of Sickle Cell forever. The seminar was on March 19, 2014 right after Aamerie had spent 12 days in the hospital recovering from a pain crisis and severe headaches.  Aamerie’s older brother was tested as a Donor and was a perfect match for donating Bone Marrow for his younger sister which he gave willingly to help his sister.  After 14 months of testing, traveling thousands of miles across country, getting the many medical approvals and several more admissions to the hospital for Sickle Cell pain crisis on May 3, 2015 Aamerie was finally admitted to (CHLA) Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for her Bone Marrow replacement. She started Chemo three days later and about 14 days after that her bone marrow was replaced with her brother’s marrow. Her transplant was not easy for her but it was a success, Aamerie and her doctors had beaten back Sickle Cell. Right around her 75th day in the hospital Aamerie started showing symptoms of a condition called (VOD) Veno Occlusive Disorder and TMA that can occur with patients that have undergone bone marrow replacement. The VOD put Aamerie in( PICU) Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where she again had to fight to stay alive she was critical for two weeks with almost no liver or kidney function. Prayers from friends, family and the persistent hard work from medical staff at CHLA made all the difference in again saving Aamerie’s life. The many Dialysis and plasma Pheresis that were done to help clear her renal system were crucial to her getting better. It has now been about 120 days since Aamerie has been admitted for her Bone Marrow Replacement procedure we were told that as soon as she gets her strength together she would be able to go home with more recovery in sight.