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Think about how often you use water each day. What would you do if it was polluted or drinking it would make you sick? Join me, as I donate my birthday to, to raise money to build new wells and maintain clean drinking water sources in Ethiopia.

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

In rural parts of Ethiopia, women lose precious time every day walking and waiting in line to collect dirty water. Families who have less water than they need are forced to choose how much they can afford to use for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. Between the time commitment and poor health conditions, it’s common for girls in particular to spend far less time in school, collecting water for their family. Clean water means health, income and education—especially for women and kids.

We all deserve clean, drinkable water, and your donation can make it happen!

Support clean drinking water and for every dollar you contribute you will get another entry into a sweep to win one of the following:


1. Celebrate your health at a free aquacycling class in TriBeCa, NYC.


2. Ethiopia’s most famous export: Yirgacheffe coffee. A one-pound bag from Café Buunni will be delivered to your door.


3. Monster’s Ncredible headphones will have you “singing” along to ‘Blame it on the Rain’ at the tops of your lungs.


4. From the land of Fire and Ice, skin care products from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon!


Winners will be announced on November 15th at 12pm EST. Proceeds to benefit Charity:Water. After the water project is completed, donors will receive a report detailing the location in Ethiopia, the number of people impacted and photos.

Thank you for donating, and good luck in the sweep!  

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Charity:Water has worked with 25 local partners in 24 countries, giving 5.5 million people access to clean water since 2006.